EXOPRO® Mega Muscle® Drills (5630)

The Fastest & Most Productive Coolant-Fed Carbide Drill for Steel Applications


The EXOPRO® Mega Muscle drill is the world's first 3-flute drill for steels. Patented geometry permits stable chip ejection, even with less chip pocket space inherent in 3-flute drills. The result is up to 3X faster than 2-flute drills and up to 3X longer life.



OSG's WD1 Nano Coating Technology

Higher coating oxidation temp & hardness dramatically improve wear resistance

Patented Flute Geometry

Breaks steel chips into small manageable pieces for easy ejection.

Triple coolant ports

Optimum coolant delivered to cutting edges for longer life and smooth chip evacuation.



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Cast Aluminum, Cast iron, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steel, Die Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel <45HRC


Highfeed rates achieve at low to medium RPM's


Any application where currently using a 2-flute coolant-fed drill.

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