Flat Dies

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Flat Dies

Produced under strict manufacturing standards to ensure extended tool life, reduced down time and easier machine setup.

Flat Dies Solutions

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OSG Flat Dies

Made from premium tool steel and proprietary surface treatments OSG dies offer the highest performance when rolling difficult materials and maximize tool life to achieve the high quality and consistency.

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HY-PRO® Flat Dies

Designed for high performance and extended tool life when rolling large production applications stocked in standard and aerospace industry sizes available for immediate delivery.

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All purpose dies with flexible design features provide a good value for standard applications available in quick turnaround and turnkey rapid prototype support.

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IMU Flat Dies

Stocked and special substrates, heat treated and coated dies for the best performance and tool life for fasteners after heat treat.

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Special Flat Dies

A wide range of flat dies can be custom made for your application.

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Licensed Products and Thread Types

Various Thread Types and Forms available including MATpoint®, TRILOBULAR™, REMFORM™ and EJOT®.

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Machine Specifications

Listing of machines and size compatibility.