High Efficiency Milling

By Adam Dimitroff, Applications Engineer


High efficiency milling (HEM) is an increasingly popular machining strategy that involves milling a material with a large axial and light radial depth of cut at a high speed and feed. As machine tool technology and programming software continue to advance, high efficiency milling is becoming increasingly prevalent in environments ranging from job shops to high production manufacturing facilities. HEM boasts advantages in both tool life and cycle time reduction, but it is important to understand how to fully take advantage of this strategy to maximize the performance of your milling process.

Tools designed for high efficiency milling have some common characteristics that allow for them to perform effectively at these high speed parameters. End mills for HEM typically have a long flute length, large core diameter, variable geometry, and multiple flutes. Flute length is typically chosen based on part requirements, while flute count is often overlooked, even though it can be crucial to maximizing cycle times and cost savings.

Although higher flute counts offer impressive feed rates, an increased flute count typically means the tool must be used with a lighter depth of cut. There are situations where this is highly advantageous – low rigidity setups or difficult to machine materials may favour lighter radial stepovers to maximize tool life. However, in relatively free machining materials, cutting forces and wear are typically relatively low to begin with, and a fine stepover may not be necessary. When deciding how many flutes is right for your job, the machinability of the material and rigidity of the setup should be considered. Tools should be chosen based on the material removal rate that they can achieve.

Material removal rate (MRR), often measured in cubic inches per minute, is the volumetric amount of material that a tool is removing at a time. For milling tools, this is a simple way of estimating productivity – a higher MRR typically means a reduced cycle time. When choosing tools for high efficiency milling, a larger radial stepover can often result in a higher MRR, even if the table feed is reduced. As mentioned earlier, material and setup limitations must be considered, but the ultimate goal should be to maximize MRR, rather than trying to achieve higher feed rates. It is also important to consider that in an HEM toolpath, a larger stepover will result in less air cut and rapid time, as there will be fewer number of total stepovers required. With a thorough understanding of the limitations of your setup and the material, finding the correct balance between flute count, stepover and feedrate will ultimately lead to cost savings and better performance in milling applications.



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OSG USA Announces Addition of SOMTA Brand Cutting Tools



OSG USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of SOMTA brand cutting tools to the OSG product line up.

SOMTA brand cutting tools offer value performance solutions for threading, drilling, and milling, at economical pricing.

SOMTA specializes in the design and manufacture of standard and custom tools for the industrial and “do it yourself” markets. Drills, cutters, reamers, threading tools and tool bits, made in a wide range of sizes, using various materials (HSS and Solid Carbide) with surface coatings to extend wear life.

Click here for additional information about SOMTA brand cutting tools.

OSG Announces Release of NEW Products and Product Expansions

We are pleased to announce the following release of NEW product and product expansions to the OSG line-up.

This is one of the largest number of new products released all at one time!  A separate product release for each product is available with further details including features and benefits of each new product/expansion.  Simply click on the link for each product to be directed to the individual product release announcement.

Please visit www.osgtool.com for further product information, pricing, and availability.

The following is a complete list of our NEW products and their associated list numbers:


NEW Drill Series:

A Brand® ADO-TRS Advanced Performance High Feed 3-flute Drill Series

  • NEW! List #6600- A Brand® ADO-TRS-3D
  • NEW! List #6610- A Brand® ADO-TRS-5D

A Brand® ADFLS-2D Flat Bottom Drill Series

  • NEW! List #5705- A Brand® ADFLS-2D

A Brand® ADFO-3D Flat Bottom Coolant-Through Drill Series

  • NEW! List #5720- A Brand® ADFO-3D

A Brand® ADO-SUS 8D Extended Reach Drill Series

  • NEW! List #5220- A Brand® ADO-SUS-8D

A Brand® AD-LDS Advanced Performance Spot Drills

  • NEW! List #5100- A Brand® AD-LDS


A Brand® ADO-SUS 3D & 5D Series

  • List # 5200- A Brand® ADO-SUS-3D
  • List #5210- A Brand® ADO-SUS-5D





A Brand® AT-1 Thread Mill Series

  • NEW! List #16620- A Brand® AT-1(metric)
  • NEW! List #16625- A Brand® AT-1(Inch)
  • NEW! List #16630- A Brand® AT-1(NPT)
  • NEW! List #16631- A Brand® AT-1(NPTF)

 A Brand® A-CSF Spiral Flute Carbide Tap Series

  • NEW! List #16600- A Brand® A-CSF (metric)
  • NEW! List #16605- A Brand® A-CSF (inch)

A Brand® A-CHT Straight Flute Carbide Tap Series

  • NEW! List #16610- A Brand® A-CHT (metric)
  • NEW! List #16615- A Brand® A-CHT (inch)



A Brand® AE-VMS End Mill Series

  • NEW! List #8200- A Brand® AE-VMS (inch)
  • NEW! List #8205- A Brand® AE-VMS (metric)
  • NEW! List #8210- A Brand® AE-CR-VMS (inch)
  • NEW! List #8215- A Brand® AE-CR-VMS (metric)
  • NEW! List #8220- A Brand® AE-LN-VMS (inch)

 Expansion to End Mill Series


  • List #2863- EXOCARB® AERO-EDS (inch)
  • List #2963- EXOCARB® AERO-EDS (metric)
  • List #2873- EXOCARB® AERO-ETS (inch)
  • List #2973- EXOCARB® AERO-ETS (metric)
  • List #2874- EXOCARB® AERO-O-ETS (inch)
  • List #2974- EXOCARB® AERO-O-ETS (metric)
  • List #2843- EXOCARB® AERO-ETL (inch)
  • List #2943- EXOCARB® AERO-ETL (metric)
  • List #2853- EXOCARB® AERO-ETXL (inch)
  • List #2953- EXOCARB® AERO-ETXL (metric)


  • List #2102- EXOCARB® UVX-Ti-LN 5FL(inch)
  • List #2104- EXOCARB® UVX-Ti-LN 5FL(metric)
  • List #2108- EXOCARB® UVX-Ti-CR-LN 5FL(inch)
  • List #2110- EXOCARB® UVX-Ti-CR-LN 5FL(metric)


Expansion to Indexable Series

OSG Phoenix® PXM Exchangeable Head End Mill Series

  • List #78PXSE – PHOENIX® PXM PXSE Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXVC – PHOENIX® PXM PXVC Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXSM – PHOENIX® PXM PXSM Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXNL – PHOENIX® PXM PXNL Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXNH – PHOENIX® PXM PXNH Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXRE – PHOENIX® PXM PXRE Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXDR – PHOENIX® PXM PXDR Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXBE – PHOENIX® PXM PXBE Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #78PXBM – PHOENIX® PXM PXBM Heads (inch, metric)
  • List #52300 – PHOENIX® PXM SA/TPA Bodies (inch)
  • List #78018 – PHOENIX® PXM SS/TP Bodies (metric)
  • List #78340 – PHOENIX® PXM PXMC Bodies (metric)
  • List #7808H – PHOENIX® PXM Accessories

OSG Phoenix® PXD Exchangeable Head Drill Series

  • List #52400 – PHOENIX® PXD Exchangeable Head Drill, 3D & 5D (inch)
  • List #78310 – PHOENIX® PXD Exchangeable Head Drill, 3D & 5D (metric)
  • List #78PXD – PHOENIX® PXD Exchangeable Heads
  • List #7808H – PHOENIX® PXD Accessories

OSG Phoenix® PSTW 90° Shoulder Cutter Series

  • List #5310 – PHOENIX® PSTW Bore (inch)
  • List #78131 – PHOENIX® PSTW Bore (metric)
  • List #78PSTW – PHOENIX® PSTW Inserts
  • List #7808H – PHOENIX® PSTW Accessories

OSG Phoenix® PSFL 90° Roughing Cutter Series

  • List #53200 – PHOENIX® PSFL SA/FA (inch)
  • List #78037 – PHOENIX® PSFL SS (metric)
  • List #53201 – PHOENIX® PSFL Bore (inch)
  • List #78137 – PHOENIX® PSFL Bore (metric)
  • List #78PSF – PHOENIX® PSF/PSFL Inserts
  • List #7808H – PHOENIX® PSFL Accessories

OSG Phoenix® PD Indexable Drill Series

  • List 52502 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 2D (inch)
  • List 78031 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 2D (metric)
  • List 52503 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 3D (inch)
  • List 78032 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 3D (metric)
  • List 52504 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 4D (inch)
  • List 78033 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 4D (metric)
  • List 52505 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 5D (inch)
  • List 78027 – PHOENIX PD Indexable Drill, 5D (metric)
  • List 78P5D – PHOENIX PD Inserts
  • List 7808H – PHOENIX PD Accessories
OSG Featured in Cutting Tool Engineering Article

Admitting My Mistakes

Author: Kip Hanson

Published May 29, 2018 - 10:15am Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine

I received an email from a reader letting me know that he disagreed with my recent article on tapping versus thread milling. In it, I stated, “There’s little chance of successfully thread milling metals much above 45 HRC. And if you’re going to try to tap them, be prepared to duck the flying shrapnel when the tap explodes!”

We all make mistakes. So when Tom Fares, president of TNT Custom Equipment in Stow, Ohio, called me out on that section of the article, saying that he routinely taps holes in 45 HRC steel alloy and thread mills into “the low 60s,” I listened to what he had to say.

Fares uses an OSG EXOPRO S-XPF oil tap to form M30 × 3.5 threads in a proprietary alloy similar to 1050 steel but heat-treated to 45 HRC. He said he tried “every M30 forming tap I could find,” but this was the only one his Hurco VMX-84 50-taper belt-driven vertical machining center could actually turn without stalling the spindle.

He has nothing but good to say about the OSG oil tap, citing another example of a long-running job where he taps M30 holes in A514 grade 50 plate (a high-strength structural steel). At 250 rpm, the OSG averages up to 9,000 holes through 1.575" thick material compared with 1,750 holes per tap with “the other brand.” That spindle speed is faster than Fares likes, and he thinks tool life would be even better by slowing things down, but he needs to run at that rpm to keep the spindle from stalling.

He also breaks the rules somewhat by using a water soluble, semisynthetic cutting fluid with a chlorinated lube additive. (Speaking for myself, I’d use a sulfur-based oil or squirt a little tapping wax into the hole.) “I know they say water soluble coolant isn’t recommended for form tapping, but it works for me,” said Fares.

On the thread-milling side, he cuts 62 HRC flame-hardened 1045 and 52100 steels for prototypes and fixturing, although this is admittedly “one-off stuff, but it can be done.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve tapped thousands of holes over the years. Cut taps, roll taps, spiral, plug and bottoming taps—I’ve used them all in everything from nickel-based superalloys to Teflon. And while thread milling wasn’t possible when I started in the trades, I did my fair share of that as well in later years.

In my defense, Fares is using a coolant-through-the-tool tap. This is one of those “newer” cutting tool technologies that makes a huge difference in many applications but especially when you’re pushing the limits as TNT Custom Equipment does. The tap is also advertised to reduce torque by up to 50 percent compared with competing brands, which is surely another factor in Fares’ success.

Anyway, my bad. My wife is enthusiastic about pointing out my mistakes, but I don’t often hear it from my readers. So thank you for your email, Tom, and for sharing the details with me. That’s the wonderful thing about manufacturing: There are always new things to learn.

You can view the original article by clicking here

OSG USA, INC. Awarded One of the Best Places to Work in Illinois for the Second Year in a Row!

OSG USA, INC. was recently named as one of the 2018 Best Places to Work in Illinois. The awards program began in 2006 and is promoted by The Daily Herald Business Ledger in partnership with the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC), the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, MRA-The Management Association, the Small Business Advocacy Council and Best Companies Group.
This statewide survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in Illinois, benefiting the state's economy, workforce and businesses. The 2018 Best Places to Work in Illinois list is made up of 30 companies in the small employer category (15-99 U.S. employees), 24 companies in the medium employer category (100-499 U.S. employees), and 21 companies in the large employer category (500 or more U.S. employees). OSG USA, INC. has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Illinois in the mid-sized category.
To be considered for participation, companies had to fulfill the following eligibility requirements:
  • Have at least 15 employees working in Illinois;
  • Be a for-profit or not-for-profit business or government entity;
  • Be a publicly or privately held business;
  • Have a facility in the state of Illinois; and
  • Be in business a minimum of one year.
Companies from across the state entered the two-part process to determine the Best Places to Work in Illinois. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company's workplace policies, practices, and demographics. This part of the process was worth approximately 25% of the total evaluation. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. This part of the process was worth approximately 75% of the total evaluation. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final ranking. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process in Illinois and also analyzed the data and used their expertise to determine the final rankings.
OSG USA, INC. was recognized and honored at the Best Places to Work in Illinois awards ceremony coordinated by The Daily Herald Business Ledger on May 17, 2018 and will be profiled in a special publication on June 18, 2018. The final rankings were announced at the event and will be announced on the Business Ledger website (www.dhbusinessledger.com).
For more information on the Best Places to Work in Illinois program, visit www.BestPlacestoWorkinIL.com.


OSG Announces the "Shaping Your Dreams" Scholarship Program for 2018!


OSG is proud to announce its "Shaping Your Dreams" Manufacturing and Engineering Scholarship program for 2018 to assist local students in fulfilling their educational goal in the field of Manufacturing, Machining or Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering.

Scholarship Amount:

One-time amount of $1,000 per scholarship (1 available)

Eligible Applicants:

Chicago-area graduating high school seniors, current undergraduate students who wish to pursue higher education in Machining, Manufacturing or Mechanical/Manufacturing/Aerospace Engineering at an approved traditional College or University, Community College, vocational school or technical school.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (when 4.0 is the maximum)

  • References: at least 2 reference letters from math, science, or technology-related instructor

  • Essay: A statement from the applicant about him/herself, future professional goals, and why they are a good candidate for this scholarship

  • In-person interview will be required for finalist candidates

For Details & How to Apply:

Please contact Paul Wilhelm at paul.wilhelm@osgtool.com or 630-790-5153

Or go online: www.osgtool.com/scholarship

Application Deadline: June 15, 2018

Scholarship recipient will be announced July 11, 2018

OSG Announces the Release of EXOCARB® WXS-CRE End Mills for High Feed Machining!

The following NEW list numbers are associated with the 



  • List 4472 - EXOCARB® WXS-CRE (Inch)

  • List 4572 - EXOCARB® WXS-CRE (Metric)


 The series offers the following features and benefits:

  • Provides advanced productivity with spiral flute design

  • Radius end mill for high feed machining

  • Ideal for stainless steel and titanium as well as cast iron

  • Effective up to 65 HRC steel

  • WXS coating, carbide substrate

Congratulations to our Shaping Your Dreams Scholarship Winners!
(Pictured from Left: Kelly Turk, OSG Regional Human Resource Manager; Todd Surritte, OSG Vice President; Maram Safi;
Casey McCormick; Paul Wilhelm, OSG Human Resource Generalist; Chuck Abate, OSG Plant Manager; Pete Gennuso,
OSG Sales Engineering Manager.)
On February 7th, 2018, OSG USA, INC. recognized the recipients of its inaugural "Shaping Your Dreams" Scholarship
program, which was created to assist students in fulfilling their educational goals in the field of machining, manufacturing
and Engineering.  
Maram Safi of Elk Grove High School and Casey McCormick of Fenwick High School each received the $1,000 scholarship
toward their education in their chosen fields.  Maram would like to major in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
and Casey is targeting Mechanical Engineering.  
The students were presented with their awards at OSG's Manufacturing Facility, located in Bensenville, IL. Representatives
from OSG were on hand to present these two very deserving winners with their scholarship certificates.  
Congratulations Maram and Casey!  We are eager to see where your education and careers take you!
The "Shaping Your Dreams" scholarship program for 2018 will be announced this April and recipients will be chosen
prior to the Fall semester 2018.
We are pleased to announce the following expansion to our EXOTAP® VCX, EXOTAP® A-Tap®, and PHOENIX® product offerings!


Added to List 10051:

  • Fractional Sizes (10 edp's)
  • Large diameters from 9/16" through 1"

Added to List 11051:

  • Metric Sizes (12 edp's)
  • Large Diameters from M14 through M24




 NEW EDPs Have been added to the following List #'s:

  • List 16500- (5 edp's)
  • List 16505- (3 edp's)
  • List 16510- (5 edp's)
  • List 16515- (1 edp)
  • List 16525- (4 edp's)
  • List 16535- (4 edp's)

OSG PHOENIX® Indexable Inserts:


 Added to List 78PSE:

  • Corner radius sizes and more polished inserts for precision finishing operations in aluminum.
  • Corner radius sizes for greater variety for shoulder milling & profiling operations.
  • XC3020 & XP3025 as additional options for steel & cast iron operations.


  • XC3020 & XP3025 to PHC09 & PHC12 offerings as additional options for steel & cast iron operations. 


Added to List 78PSTW:

  • CK010 grade to cover aluminum applications.
  • GM chipbreaker to cover medium cutting operations in all materials.
  • Additional corner radius sizes to have more variety for shoulder milling operations.



Added to List 78PRC:

  • GL chipbreaker to cover light cutting operations in steel & stainless. 


Added to List 78PAO: 

  • GL chipbreaker to cover light cutting operations in all materials.