HY-PRO® CARB VGx (While Supplies Last!) (VG534)

High Performance Variable Index End Mills for Difficult to Machine Materials

While Supplies Last


The HY-PRO®-CARB VGx is an entire line up of variable geometry end mills designed to extend tool life and increase metal removal rates by decreasing chatter. Unequal flute spacing breaks up harmonic vibration typically created during milling, enabling cutting performance.

While Supplies Last!

We are currently in the process of phasing out and discontinuing List #VG534 HY-PRO CARB VGx. Limited quantities continue to be available while supplies last, check stock by item on the product offering page.

List #VG534 will be replaced with #VGM5 HY-PRO CARB VGM,the full crossover file can be found here.


Unequal flute spacing

Reduces vibration from harmonic vibration, increasing life and enabling more aggressive milling.

Raised Land Configuration

Provides additional stability when taking deeper depths of cut for more consistent performance during roughing.

TiAIN Coating

Provides stable wear resistance in high temperature milling conditions.



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Cast iron, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steel, Die Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel < 45 HRC.


Especially advantageous in 300, 400 and PH series Stainless Steels.


Stable performance in Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Chrome.


Larger sizes available with and without Weldon Flats.

Application Guide

ISO Work Material Recommended
P Low Carbon Steel : 1010, 1018
P Medium Carbon Steel : 1035, 1045
P High Carbon Steel : 1065
P Alloy Steels : 4140, 4340
P Die Steels
M Stainless Steels : 300
M Stainless Steels : 400
M Stainless Steels : 17-4PH
K Cast Iron
N Aluminum : 6061, 7075
N Aluminum : Casting
S Nickel Alloy : Inconel
S Titanium : 6AL4V (30HRC)
H Hardened Steels : ~35 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 35-45 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 45-50 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 50-70 HRC

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